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About - Nuclear Sound Recording Studio
Mathieu Perrier
Mathieu Perrier


Mixing live performances for countless alternative, punk, and metal bands in such a chaotic and rapidly-changing environment has taught me to keep me on my toes, adapt to changes at a moment’s notice, and to troubleshoot problems that no amount of experience could prepare you for. You hardly learn those things in a big, slick recording studio where most things that could go wrong have been dealt with ahead of time in order for the engineers to do their job properly.

I’m aware that different artists have different wants and needs, and I see it as my job to deliver. You don’t see cut-and-dry pricing on this site, because I don’t work that way. Every client of mine gets the benefit of a personalized experience, and that includes a custom, line-by-line budget that will work for them. I'm Matt. Welcome to Nuclear Sound. I can't wait to work with you.